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Typhoon Memorial Weekend 2024 Please note important programme changes (April 24) This will be a special event, marking the 80th Anniversary of D-Day and the beginning of the liberation of Normandy, and then the end of the European war in 1945. We plan to be represented at the Memorial ceremonies at Noyers Bocage, preceded by a church service which, in 2024, will again be at Noyers Bocage on the D675, at 10:00 am on Saturday June 8th. There will be visits to museums, significant sites etc. arranged for Friday 7th June and there is to be a reception for residents and visitors at Noyers Bocage, after the ceremonies, at lunchtime on Saturday June 8th. Please note that accommodation near to Noyers Bocage may be difficult to find and is likely to be expensive. It may be necessary to find accommodation some distance from the coastal region and then be prepared to travel to events. We will publish more details of plans for the weekend as they become available. See Programme page for more details Programme Meanwhile, it is important to know who is likely to attend so that ASAVN can plan the events and organise catering. Please contact the Secretary: