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* L'Association pour le Souvenir des Ailes de la Victoire de Normandie
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Following a very successful reunion of Typhoon personnel at Middle Wallop in 2007 it was clear that a new organisation was required to preserve the history and traditions of the former Hawker Typhoon squadrons and to develop links with the new Eurofighter Typhoon squadrons. TECT was created with Trustees comprising WW II Typhoon veterans and their relatives, serving RAF officers, and Typhoon supporters The common interest and growing bonds between the Typhoon Force of today and the World War II Typhoon veterans, their families and friends, is at the very heart of TECT. The new Trustee structure reflects an equally strong desire to develop this further to the mutual benefit of both parties and their support for ASAVN* in France. If you share our views about the remembrance of courage and sacrifice – about the value of its relationship to that wonderful team spirit which motivates and challenges the Royal Air Force Squadrons of every generation – if you wish to play a part in nurturing and helping that process between the Typhoon Squadrons of yesterday, today and tomorrow then membership of TECT is for you. Not only will you be supporting the modern Typhoon Force, which stands firm and strong amidst the present economic uncertainties, but our plans for the future will also create some interesting benefits for our members. A Newsletter will keep Members informed of our activities. This web-site enables us to communicate quickly with members, veterans and veterans’ organisations all over the world, further strengthening the ties between them and informing and encouraging a new generation of Typhoon enthusiasts.
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