Children at the Memorial
Children at the memorial
The Jack Collins plaque at Cintheaux
The memorial records the names of 151 Typhoon pilots who lost their lives in Normandy during 1944, many of them in support of the D-Day landings and the subsequent Battle of Normandy. It also honours the ground crews who armed and serviced the aircraft to keep them flying The flame of remembrance links the famous Hawker Typhoon with its present- day counterpart, the Eurofighter Typhoon. A plaque in the nearby Noyers Bocage church commemorates all of the 666 Typhoon personnel who lost their lives during the war.
Commemoration at Noyers Bocage
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The TECT Logo is derived from the Typhoon Memorial at Noyers Bocage, South-West of Caen in Basse-Normandie, an area where Typhoons were especially active in supporting the breakout from the invasion beachhead.