Children at the Memorial
Children at the memorial
The Jack Collins plaque at Cintheaux
Linking past and present
Future events planned by TECT include talks by Typhoon veterans, and by current Typhoon personnel, attendance at air-shows and displays and the annual visits to Normandy, normally in May or June We have formed a special link with the Jet Age Museum, Staverton, near to where the majority of Hawker Typhoons were manufactured and where a Typhoon cockpit section is now restored. Typhoon veterans and Eurofighter Typhoon personnel have attended events at the museum, including the memorable Legion d’Honneur investiture in October 2015. TECT was invited to bring veterans to the launch of the RB396 Typhoon restoration project at Goodwood (Westhampnett) and we have a good working relationship with that project. All these activities will serve to strengthen the links between the past, with its stories of heroism and sacrifice, and the present high-speed, high-tech world of the Eurofighter Typhoon.
A Typhoon in its hangar
Typhoon veterans examine a modern Typhoon
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Veterans and restoration team at Staverton
TECT has Trustees and Members serving with the RAF Typhoon squadrons at Coningsby where our 2016 AGM was held. As on previous visits, Veterans and friends had the opportunity to visit the squadrons, and to inspect their aircraft. We were invited to visit the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, also based at Coningsby, where members renewed their acqaintance with some of the types of aircraft that they flew during WWII.
RB396 unveiled at Goodwood