Children at the Memorial
Children at the memorial
The Jack Collins plaque at Cintheaux
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The Typhoon Entente Cordiale Trust (TECT) currently holds personal information, such as names, postal adresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of its members and contacts. This data is stored in paper files and on an electronic database. Access to the stored personal information is restricted to officers of TECT. The information is used for mailing lists, processing of membership aplications, and general correspondence; it is not shared with any other organisations nor is it used for any marketing purpose. Under new Data Protection regulations all persons for whom personal data is held (the “data subjects” ) must give their assent to the appropriate storage and use of that information. They must be informed of the process for checking, deleting or amending such data. Individuals can ask for details of the information about them that is stored and used by TECT, they can ask for it to be amended or deleted. That can be done by contacting the TECT Secretary. We invite you to confirm that you agree to this Policy and that you are content for TECT to contact you by e-mail. Please use the electronic response button below or the response form which can then be sent back to the Secretary.
TECT Privacy Policy ( Data Protection)
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