Children at the Memorial
Children at the memorial
The Jack Collins plaque at Cintheaux
Keeping the flame burning
The perpetual flame at the heart of the Typhoon Memorial at Noyers Bocage symbolises the enduring memory of sacrifices made by pilots during the Battle of Normandy in 1944 and the intense experiences of all who flew and operated the Hawker Typhoon
At the Memorial ceremony at Noyers Bocage in June 2015 it was declared that we were there for two reasons. First we wished to honour and remember those who died during the Battle of Normandy, both service personnel and civilians. Secondly we wished to pass the torch, symbolised by the flame at the centre of the Memorial, to a new generation. So, now the torch is passed to the RAF pilots and personnel who operate the Eurofighter Typhoon, whose exploits will uphold the traditions of service and adventure established by previous generations
Typhoon Pilots - past and present
Typhoon Memorial - Noyers Bocage
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